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Industrial Porcelain Enameling Technology

Porcelain enamel provide a durable high performance coating to many different metal products, such as architectural panels, bath-tubs, baking ovens, BBQ's, boilers (electrical & solar), cattle drinkers, chemical vessels, cookers, cookware, exhaust tubes, heat-exchanger panels, hot water tanks, microwave ovens, ranges, silo's, shower basins, kitchen sinks, kitchenware, stoves, stove pipes, street signs, washing machine drums, water heaters, water pipes & valves.

For detailed information about porcelain enameling processes, enameling plants and/or enameling equipment, please make your selection hereunder.



Production plants


1 coat / 1 fire dry

1 coat / 1 fire wet

2 coats / 1 fire dry/dry

2 coats / 1 fire wet/dry

2 coats / 1 fire wet/wet

2 coats / 2 fires dry/dry

2 coats / 2 fires dry/wet

2 coats / 2 fires wet/wet

3 coats / 2 fires wet/wet/wet

Boilers / water tanks

Cookers / ranges

Other products




Material handling

Process & Quality Control



Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV assist companies worldwide by providing knowledge and independent advice about porcelain enameling technology, plants & equipment.

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