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Laboratory equipment for wet enamel slip preparation & testing

The following equipment may be used for testing various properties of wet enamel slip prior to application :

  Equipment Purpose
Bayer knife /

enamel slip gauge

Comparing quickly the consistency of wet enamel slip without weighting. More..
Bayer enamel fineness test sieve Measuring the fineness of a wet enamel slip. More..
Ferro cone screen Ferro cone screen Measuring fineness of wet enamel slip
Laboratory furnace Firing sample plates and/or products. More ..
Manual spray-booth for wet enamel Manual spray-booth Capturing overspray enamel while manual spraying small batches and/or sample plates.
Manual spray-gun for liquid enamel Manual spray-gun Spraying small batches of enamel for producing sample plates
Pycnometer Measuring specific gravity of enamel slip. More ..
Rapido mill for wet enamel Rapido mill Fast milling of enamel slip for samples
Slump tester for wet enamel slip Slump tester Measuring enamel set. More..


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