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Laboratory equipment for powder enamel testing

The following equipment may be used for testing powder enamel and/or powder equipment prior to application under production circumstances :

  Equipment Purpose
Adhesion tester Measuring adhesion of electrostatic sprayed powder enamel. More...
Fluidity meter Measuring fluidity of powder enamels. More..
KV meter Measuring the performance of electrostatic guns. More..
Manual powder enamel gun Electrostatic application of powder enamel on sample plates and measuring the typical spray rate of a powder enamel. More..
Manual powder spray-booth Collecting overspray powder enamel. More..
  Mini powder hopper Fluidizing powder enamel sample prior to actual application
  Powder gun controller Controlling all functions of the powder enamel gun
  Resistivity meter Measuring the surface resistivity of powder enamel


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