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Modern boiler enameling plants based on powder technology

Boiler enameling plant layouts can be projected with either conveyorized or stand alone shortblasting & powder application equipment. This conveyorized solution is called "online" and the other stand alone solution "offline". See below the schematic plant layouts for both solutions. Please click on the thumbs to see the full size layouts.

Layout of an online boiler enameling plant Layout of an offline boiler enameling plant

Online boiler enameling plants are typically used for large production volumes of relative simple hot water tanks. Its main benefit is a high level of integration, which eliminate the need for manual transfer between the various process stages.

Below some pictures of various online boiler enameling equipment, such as : shotblaster / powder application / automatic transfer device / furnace. Please click on the thumbs to see the full size pictures.

Online shotblaster   powder application system  Automatic boiler transfer unit  boilers entering furnace

Offline solutions are typically chosen for relative low production volumes or complex product shapes. This solution is cheaper and is also suitable for boilers, which can't be clamped in the centering system of an online solution. Below some pictures of offline shotblaster & powder application. Please click on the thumbs to see the full size pictures.


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