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Glossary for industrial enameling

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Adherence Refers to the enamel bond to the metal substrate after firing
Adhesion Powder enamel property, which indicated how well electrostatically charged powder sticks to a metal substrate. Typically measured with an impact tester.
Application Deposition of enamel on metal substrate. The application can be done with either dry or wet enamel. More about application equipment
Ball mill Used for milling enamel frit prior to (wet) application. See also milling
Bayer sieve Device to measure the fineness of an enamel slip
Box furnace Enameling furnace without overhead conveyor, typically used for laboratory and small production runs.
Bozsin box Device to measure the actual temperature of the products during the firing process inside the enameling furnace. Name of inventor.
DFT Dry film thickness
Droprod Hook of heat resisting alloy mounted at the furnace conveyor and intended for suspending the firing tools.
Drying Removal of water from enamel layer prior to firing. Also used as last process step during pretreatment process
Dryer Equipment to remove water after pretreatment and/or wet application
Enamel Glass-alike coating on metal substrate. See also "what is porcelain enamel coating ?"
Firing Curing of enamel inside an enameling furnace
Firing curve Graph showing the actual temperature on the products while inside the enameling furnace
Firing temperature Maximum temperature of products during firing. Sometimes also used for the temperature setpoint.
Fluidizing Inserting air into powder in order to make it easy transportable, like a fluid.
Furnace Industrial high temperature furnace for curing porcelain enamel on metal substrate.
Hopper Container used at powder enamel system to fluidize the powder particles
Hotzone Central part of enameling furnace where the actual fusion process take place.
LTM Stands for Low Thermal Mass. Refers to light weight insulation materials used for modern enameling furnaces, which allows energy savings thanks to daily start-up & shut down.
Metal flue Metal channel inside gas or oil fired enameling furnace to evacuate combustion gases from the hot zone to the preheating zone. Typically used to increase the heat transfer efficiency of the furnace.
Magnetic separator Device to remove iron parts for wet enamel slip or dry powder enamel
Milling Part of enamel preparation process prior to application.
Milling additives Various chemicals used to alter the characteristics of an enamel slip
Pickling Used for metal preparation prior to actual enamel application. Typically done in a series of tanks, which contain respectively alkaline degreaser, acid, neutralizer and/or nickel sulphate solution.
Preheating zone Part of enameling furnace prior to the hotzone.
Porcelain enamel See enamel
Powder application Electrostatic dry powder deposition process.
Powder enamel Porcelain enamel prepared for electrostatic dry spraying, by means of dry milling and coating with organic additives to improve electrostatic charging & to reduce tension bleeding.
Powder system Powder booth complete with dito application equipment. More info about powder enamel systems
Pretreatment Process for preparing the metal substrate prior to the enamel application. Possible pretreatment processes include pickling, spray degreasing & shotblasting
RTU Ready-To-Use; Premixed enamel
Set Term to describe wet enamel behavior during application
Shoeplates Plates made of heat resisting alloy mounted at the furnace conveyor to reduce energy losses thru the slot in the furnace roof.
Slip Wet enamel
Shotblasting Mechanical metal cleaning process, typically used for products made of thick sheetsteel. See boiler enameling process
Slump tester Device used in laboratory to measure the enamel "set"
Soaking temperature Temperature at which enamel starts to fuse & reacts with the underlaying substrate.
Soaking time Actual time above soaking temperature
Spray degreasing Pretreatment process which is performed in a so-called spray washer and combines mechanical & chemical cleaning.
Spray washer Tunnel for spray degreasing. Typically used for pretreatment of cooker parts, which are not rusty.
Transfer efficiency Amount of enamel applied divided by the amount of enamel sprayed
Radiant tube Tube made of high temperature alloy to keep combustion products away from the furnace ambient
Vitreous enamel See enamel
Windmill Air sealing device mounted at the preheating zone of enameling furnace to keep warm air inside and cold air outside.
Wet application Deposition of wet enamel on metal substrate. May be done in several ways, such as dipping, slushing, spraying & ETE. More info about wet application equipment

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