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Enameling processes, plants & equipment

Porcelain enamel provides a durable functional and/or esthetical coating to a wide range of products, made of steel, cast iron or aluminum.

Traditionally porcelain enameling of mild steel was done with a so-called wet applied two coats two fires process, which consists of the following eight sequential process steps :

  1. Pretreatment
  2. Enamel preparation
  3. Wet enamel application
  4. Drying
  5. Firing
  6. Wet enamel application
  7. Drying
  8. Firing

Over the years new application equipment and smarter enameling processes were developed.

Please find below a summary of the currently available enameling processes :

  • Direct-on 1 coat / 1 fire dry
  • Direct-on 1 coat / 1 fire wet
  • 2 coats / 1 fire dry/dry
  • 2 coats / 1 fire wet/dry
  • 2 coats / 1 fire wet/wet
  • 2 coats / 2 fires dry/dry
  • 2 coats / 2 fires wet/dry
  • 2 coats / 2 fires wet/wet
  • 3 coats / 2 fires wet/wet/wet

The selection of the most appropriate enameling process for your products / production depends on a large number of aspects, such as available steel quality, required level of automation, labor cost, product geometry, production volume, maximum capital investment, esthetic & functional coating requirements, etc.

Equipment characteristics & hourly production capacities may be determined once the enameling process has been defined.

Last but not least, based on the selected process & equipment and preferred material flow within the factory building, the optimum enameling plant lay-out may be developed.

Please contact us, if you need any further information and/or advice concerning your enameling process, plant layout and/or equipment.

Typical enameling plant layout for cookers


See www.ditmer.nl for more information about porcelain enameling technology